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Jacob’s Project by BasementFangurl222222222

It was nearing 4 AM, and Jacob was attempting to do a project that his dumb partnet left him to work on while she went on vacation to the Alps with her billionaire family. He had little time left, and was unfortunately not only working against the clock, but against his old foe the movie maker.

"Why me, lord," he asked, "what did I do to deserve this???"

Just then, a light shined through his window. “This is God, Jacob,” said a voice from above. “This project is your punishment for not playing enough video games with Jynn!”

Jacob immediately ran out of his house to hijack the car. He drove 10000 mph all the way to Jynn’s house, before bursting inside. “PLAY THE VIDEO GAMES WITH ME, JYNN” he demanded. Jynn complied with little fight.

As the sun rose and video games were played, Jacob suddenly felt a weight lift from his shoulders. The voice of God returned. “Good work son,” he said. “I’ve erased the project from history as your reward for being boss at these games. Also school is cancelled for forever lol.”

A single tear of joy ran down Jacob’s cheek.


Chapter Does Anyone Actually Know at This Point (actually it’s chapter 9 now we all know)

The day after the sleep over was mostly sent sleeping. Everyone was tired from their late night shenanigans. They all went back to the houses they were staying at that night, and headed back to San Francisco in the morning. When they finally pulled up to the Yellow House, they saw Abby waiting on the porch.

Emily ran up to her to invite her inside, but stopped when she saw how upset Abby looked. “What’s wrong?” she asked.

Abby sniffed and looked around at everyone. “I’m so sorry,” she said, “I tried to stop it but it was too late.”

“Abby, what are you talking about?” Jynn asked.

“I was in my room, and I stopped and looked out my window and I saw all this water coming from your house and I – ”

“Whoa whoa whoa,” Nathan interrupted. “What do you mean water coming from our house?”

“It was just pouring out of your windows and stuff, it was everywhere! I ran over to see what was happening and when I opened the door it all came rushing out, jumanji-style!”

“Oh god,” Emily said, “is all of our stuff ruined?”

“There’s quite a bit of damage done, yeah. I called some people to come clean up and fix it. It’s probably going to cost you guys a whole lot of money.”

“What are we going to DO?” Jynn said with a frown.

“Well… if you need to, you guys can stay at our place for a little while,” Derek offered.

“Seriously?” Rina said. “That’s so nice of you!”

Emily looked over at Abby, expecting her to be fawning over Derek as usual, but Abby was glaring angrily at the ground.

“Abby, what’s up?” she asked.

“Well, that was only the first piece of bad news. There’s another thing.”

“What is it?” Jacob asked.

“Brennah’s pregnant,” she told them. “And she says Derek’s the father.”

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Chapter 8.2 - Derek’s House

“Everyone, this is my uncle Peter,” Derek introduced.

Scott put his hands in his pockets and slumped down, eyes on his shoes. “He’s the worst,” he muttered, kicking at the ground.

Stiles patted him on the back.

The members of the Basement all waved uncertainly at Peter.

“Peter,  is it okay if we all have a sleep over out here in the burnt down, unsafe, falling apart house?” Derek asked.

Peter started to nod, but then his gaze turned to Allison, who had been trying to stay hidden behind all of her friends.

"ALLISON? NO NOT THAT ARGENT GIRL!" Peter yelled. "She is not welcome in our home! Have you forgotten they are the reason we only have half a house left! You can have your sleepover tonight, But No Allison!" He said walking towards the Kitchen. "Oh, yes and one more thing. Stay upstairs. I’m… Having a house guest, myself. "

Scott opened his mouth to begin protesting, but Derek quickly and subtly kicked his shin.

“Ow!” Scott yelled, but Derek was talking over him.

“Okay, deal, Allison will go home.”

“Good,” Peter said, giving Allison one last glare before going back into the house.

“Okay we just have to sneak her in now,” Derek whispered to them all.

“Wait you’re joking right?” Rina said. “Your uncle’s a werewolf. He’ll hear her in the house. He can probably hear us right now.”

“Psh, no of course he can’t,” Erica argued. “if he could our sleep over would be ruined! And that’s not going to happen so we’re fine.”

No one really had anything to say to that.

“Let’s go inside,” Stiles said, “I’m bored just standing around.”

They all went into the house and upstairs, as Derek’s uncle had demanded. They made some food, although no one quite knew how, since they were in a burnt down house with probably no electricity but oh well, and then watched some movies. Once they were bored with that, Lydia suggested they play Truth or Dare.

Claire went first. “Emily, truth or dare,” she said.

“Dare,” Emily proclaimed bravely.

“I dare you to lick your pillow!” Claire challenged with a maniacal laugh.

Emily did so, but quickly threw the pillow down when she noticed Jacob was laughing at her.

“Truth or dare, Jacob,” she said angrily. Jacob, never one to back down from a challenge, chose dare as well.

“I dare you to MAKE OUT with your pillow!”

“Why do you all have pillow fetishes?” Jackson asked a little suspiciously, but everyone ignored him.

Jacob grabbed his pillow and went to town.

Nathan whipped out his phone and started taking pictures. “I’m totally instgraming this!” he said gleefully.

The night only got weirder from there.

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Chapter 8, Part One - Return to Beacon Hills


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After all the craziness of the past few weeks, things finally quieted down. Everyone was still suspicious of Jynn all the time, because even though she promised to no longer write fanfiction about real people who she actually knew, they all occasionally caught her giving people contemplative looks and then quickly typing a note on her computer.

Despite this, the teen wolf bunch and the members of the Basement all hung out together a lot, getting to know each other and just chilling and such. After about a month had passed since the werewolf hunter incident, everyone was hanging out at the house that the teen wolves were sharing, watching a movie, when Scott came in with the mail.

“We got a letter from Jackson and Boyd!” he told everyone, excited.

The members of the Basement, who had yet to meet the mysterious Jackson and Boyd, couldn’t help but be interested, and everyone who actually knew the boys seemed just as excited as Scott.

“Well what does it say?” Lydia asked, “Don’t keep us in suspense.”

“They’re loving Florida, but they miss us all,” Scott said, eyes skimming the letter. “And they want to see us! They’re going to be in Beacon Hills next week, visiting their parents and such, and they want us to go up and see them too!”

“That sounds great!” Stiles said. “I’ve been meaning to talk to you guys about planning a trip home, and now we have a perfect reason to go.”

Derek nodded his agreement, and then looked around at the Basement people. “Hey, you guys can come too,” he said. “Between all of our houses I’m sure we’ll have enough room for you all, and then you can meet Jackson and Boyd.”

“Sounds fun,” Jynn murmured, excited at the prospect of seeing where everyone lived and meeting their families and all of that stuff.

“Road trip!” Nathan screamed

Said road trip was not even a little bit fun. With all of them together, they had to take four separate cars, and every time people would get sick of each other they had to pull over and switch who went in each car.

By the time they got to Beacon Hills, they were happy to split up and go to different houses to sleep. Emily, Jynn and Rina went home with Holland and Lydia, Choco and Madie went with Allison, and Nathan and Jacob went to Scott’s house.

The next day, they all met up at a nearby park, and waited for Jackson and Boyd’s appearance.

“Allison’s house is bigger than any house has a right to be,” Madie whispered to the Basement members while they waited.

Choco nodded. “We each got our own wing of the house,” she confirmed.

Everyone stared at each other with wide eyes.

“Oh here they come!” Allison called over before anyone had a chance to further the conversation.

Once introductions were made, they decided to take a tour of Beacon Hills. From what the teen wolves had said, Beacon Hills sounded like a small town. In reality, they had all kinds of things, like a downtown with a bunch of clubs and stuff. Who knew.

The last stop on the tour was the Beacon Hills Reserve. When they arrived, the teen wolves explained about all that had occurred in those woods, and how important the setting was to their story.

Eventually they ended up at the burnt down Hale house, where a man was waiting for them outside.

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Chapter 7 – A Study in Critique

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Things calmed down after the ordeal with the werewolf hunter, but the atmosphere felt a bit strained. The members of the Basement weren’t quite sure how to treat their new friends, now that they knew the majority of them were not-as-mythical-as-one-would-assume creatures.

After a few incidents of awkwardness, Scott decided enough was enough. He and his group of teen wolves and teen wolf sympathizers went to the Yellow House to talk things out.

“I figure,” he explained to everyone, “if we just tell you all about us, and you guys tell us all about you, we can stop being so weird.”

“Makes sense,” agreed Jynn.

“So how did you all meet?” Allison asked.

“We started out as a critique group, actually,” Jacob explained.

“So you guys are like, writers?” Erica said. “That’s so cool!”

Emily laughed. “I haven’t actually written something in like, months,” she said.

“Yeah, for a critique group we rarely ever actually critique,” Rina added.

“Actually,” Nathan commented, “the only person I’ve seen working on any kind of writing lately has been Jynn.”

Jynn glanced nervously around the room. “Um, yeah, I’ve been working on something. It’s nothing big, just a dumb thing, you know.”

“What kind of thing?” Styles asked. “Can I see it? I can’t write at all, so I’m sure I’ll be impressed by anything you show me.”

“No!” Jynn said forcefully. “Seriously guys, it’s just something small, nothing anyone needs to read.”

While she was distracted by the conversation, Nathan grabbed her laptop from her and started to read the word document she had open.

“No, Nathan, don’t read it!” Jynn yelled.

Nathan had a confused look on his face. “Jynn………..” he said slowly. “Are you writing…….. is this Emily/Holland fanfiction?”

“WHAT????” everyone yelled in surprise.

 Emily snatched the computer from Nathan’s hands, and quickly scanned the document.

“The awkward brunette turned to the quirky red head,” she read aloud. “’You’re just so incredibly quirky!’ Emily cried. ‘How can you ever love someone as awkward as me!’ Holland quirkily walked towards Emily. Emily awkwardly turned away. ‘It’ll never work,’ she said sadly. ‘Besides, it’s forbidden. You know I’m not allowed to socialize with members of other twerk teams!’”

Emily looked up from the computer screen to stare at Jynn, who had her hands covering her face.

Lydia looked back and forth between the two of them.

“Holland as in my sister?” she asked, confused. “How do you guys know Holland?”

“Oh, yeah, we meet her at your house,” Emily explained. “Turns out she was the one leaving you those notes, not Jynn. Can you give me her number, by the way?”

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Chapter 6 – I don’t even know what to title this because I don’t even know what happens

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See the end of the chapter for a semi-explanation. There really is no explanation tho.

Together Team Werewolf Hunters Hunters had thought up a foolproof plan. They set up everything that needed setting up and then got into their positions.

The hunter had been following Derek around for the past two days, so today he lead him to the San Francisco Woods (which is totally a thing really I swear don’t fact check just take my word for it). He brought him deep into the woods, until he eventually lost the hunter in the forest.

The hunter continued forward, hoping he was going in the right direction, when he saw Scott sitting in the middle of a clearing.

“Ha!” the hunter cried in a villainous way because he was obvs the bad guy so he had to do things like yell “Ha!” evilly. “This is too easy!”

He crept closer to Scott, and readied his giant werewolf-catching net (if this was the MTV show he’d have guns and crap but this section has ventured off into Carteen Wolf so). When he got closer to the teen wolf, however, the ground suddenly sagged beneath his feet.

The werewolf hunter fell down into a hole that Team Werewolf Hunters Hunters had dug, and into the ball pit below. The young werewolf hunter hunters ran out from their hiding places among the trees to look down at the hunter below.

“And now we leave him here!” Nathan said giddily. Scott high fived him.

“No, we can’t just leave him,” Jynn shrieked, scandalized at the suggestion.

“Why not?” Scott asked, pouting. “I mean he was going to catch me in a giant net, that was pretty rude of him.”

“Leaving someone to drown in a ball pit in cruel and inhumane!” Emily said. “Haven’t you ever been stuck in a ball pit it’s like the most terrifying thing ever!”

Jacob stared off into the distance, a far away look in his eyes. “I was stuck in a ball pit once,” he said softly, then shuddered and looked around him. “Anywho,” he continued, “let’s get this guy and leave.”

Stiles grabbed the net that the hunter had dropped when he first started falling into the hole, and used it to capture the hunter. “Poetic justice,” he said. The other members of Team Hunters Hunters could only nod their agreement.

“The most justice,” Scott agreed solemnly.

AN: this chapter is dedicated to my friend because I didn’t know what to write so I asked her how she would get rid of a person and she said “for some reason I think to myself “drown in a ball pit”” so there you have it folks who even knows

Chapter 5 – Werewolves???????!!!!!!!!

It was the day after Jynn and Emily had discovered Lydia’s twin sister Holland, and Jynn hadn’t said anything yet. She made Emily keep quiet too, not sure what to do with the information. Emily, who had managed to get Holland’s phone number before Jynn dragged her away, was having a pretty hard time keeping her mouth shut seeing as all she wanted to do was wax poetic about Holland’s hair and lips and eyes and boobs and etc.

The group were all chilling in the living room of the Yellow House together, as they did. Jynn was just trying to decide if she should tell everyone about Holland when there was a loud knock at the door. Before anyone could even get up to answer it, Scott burst into the room.

“Guys!” he said, quick and panicked, “you have to help us!”

“Help you with what?” Madie asked.

“Well,” Scott replied, “I don’t really know how to tell you guys this, but there’s no time to explain so I’ll just say it. I’m a werewolf, and pretty much 80% of my friends are too!”

His announcement was meet by dead silence and stares. Even Choco looked up from the book she was reading, Oreo High School for Boys, to glance at Scott.

Just then, the doorbell rang, doing nothing to relieve the tension in the room. Jynn jumped up and answered it, only to find the Yellow House’s non-Abby neighbor, Cal, on the other side.

"Hey Jynn!" Cal said excitedly. "I was just baking cookies and thought I bring some over for yo—"

"Not NOW, Cal!” Jynn hissed, slamming the door closed in his face. “So what’s this about werewolves?” she asked, turning her attention back to Scott.

“Well see, there’s a werewolf hunter in town so you guys need to help throw him off our trail!” Scott continued as if there hadn’t been any interruption at all.

“A werewolf hunter?” Rina repeated. “Seriously?”

“Yes SERIOUSLY!” Scott squeaked out, his voice taking on a hysterical tone. “Why would I joke about WEREWOLF HUNTERS?!”

“… why wouldn’t you joke about werewolf hunters?” Nathan asked.

“Fine, if you guys won’t help me, I’ll just have to find someone who will!” Scott said angrily.

“Hey, we never said we wouldn’t help,” Jacob said before Scott could storm out.

“Yeah, I’d love to go up against a werewolf hunter!” Madie agreed. “Sounds like a fun time.”

Choco looked up from her book again. “I’d love to help, really,” she said, “but Big Stuf is about to make his move on Strawberry Milkshake. I’m gonna pass.”

The rest of the Basement considered whether or not they were in a helping mood, until finally a group consisting of Madie, Jacob, Jynn, Rina, Nathan and Emily decided they would be the ones to go along with Scott.

“We need a team name,” Nathan said.

“No we don’t,” Jacob said back.

“Team Werewolf Hunters Hunters,” Scott said, his serious tone accompanied by a single, determined nod.

“Team Werewolf Hunters Hunters it is,” Jynn agreed, and together they left to go to Scott house to make some werewolf hunters hunting plans.

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Chapter 4 – Investigations

Over the next few weeks, Jynn kept coming home to find notes taped to the front door of the Yellow House, each addressed to her, and each with a ruder message than the last.

Of course Jynn didn’t really know each note got increasingly meaner, because each referenced a first note which Jynn didn’t know the content of.

“You’re one to talk, Jynn! Yours is worse than mine!” the most recent one read.

Jynn, meanwhile, spent all her free time ranting about the situation to anyone who would listen. “I’m not the one leaving Lydia those stupid notes!” she exclaimed, “and she’s just too stubborn to listen to reason!”

Finally, sick of the complaints, Jacob came up with an idea. “Why don’t you just find out who is leaving the notes, then.”

“Yes!” Rina agreed quickly, latching on to any plan that would make the stupid feud between Lydia and Jynn stop. “Jynn the detective, getting to the truth of the matter!”

“You know what,” Jynn said. “I think I will. I’ll find out who’s leaving these stupid notes, and then Lydia will have to back off! Who wants to help?” she asked excitedly.

She was met by dead silence.

“Oh come on,” she said, “one of you has to be bored enough to want to come.”

“What, come and sit in Lydia’s bushes waiting for someone to leave a note on her door? No one’s bored enough to do that,” Nathan said.

“I’M bored enough to do that!” Emily exclaimed.

“Great!” Jynn jumped up out of her seat. “Let’s go!”

~~~~~~~~~~three hours later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“I lied, Nathan was right, I was nowhere near bored enough for this can we PLEASE go home?” Emily complained.

“Come on, Emily,” Jynn said, trying her hardest to be patient. It was a difficult task, being that Emily had started complaining about five minutes after they got to Lydia’s house, and hadn’t stopped since.

“This is so duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb,” Emily sighed, falling back to lay on the ground and stare at the partially bush-covered sky. “dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb wow it doesn’t sound like a real word anymore dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb…”

Jynn just tuned her out.

“Okay that’s it, I’m leaving,” Emily said after twenty minutes more.

“Wait you can’t!” Jynn whispered urgently. “Who’s that?”

“Who’s who?” Emily whispered loudly back, climbing to her knees to catch a glimpse of the approaching figure.

“Is that… is that Lydia?”

Emily fell back with a huff of air. “Oh wow, Lydia at her own house, how mysterious. Good thing we’re here to investigate.”

“No, seriously, look, she’s taping a piece of paper to the door!”

Emily leaned forward again, squinting her eyes to try to make out what Lydia was doing.

“Why would Lydia leave the notes for herself, that makes no sense!” Jynn said.

“That’s not Lydia,” Emily said, sounding a bit distracted.

“What are you talking about, of course it’s Lydia.”

“No, definitely not Lydia.” And before Jynn could stop her, Emily was up and out of the bushes, walking quickly up to the girl at Lydia’s front door. Jynn had no option but to chase after her.

“Hi,” Emily was saying to the girl by the time Jynn caught up, “my name’s Emily, it is so nice to meet you.”

Oh no. Jynn recognized that voice. That was Emily’s flirty voice. Oh nooo Emily’s eyes were totally flirty, why was Emily being flirty with the Lydia-lookalike.

The Lookalike smiled back. “Hi, I’m Holland,” she said. “It’s nice to meet you too.”

“Holland,” Emily repeated. “That is a gorgeous name.”

Jynn looked back and forth between the two a few times before deciding that the best course of action was to ignore this situation and get back to the problem that had brought them here in the first place.

“Who are you and why are you leaving Lydia mean notes and why do you look just like her are you actually Lydia do you have a split personality or something?” she asked.

“No I’m not Lydia,” Holland answered smoothly and gorgeously. “The notes are just a joke! Lydia’s my twin sister.”

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Chapter 3 – DRAMA~

A few days had passed since the members of the Basement had last seen their new teenage wolf friends. Everyone was just sitting around the living room, watching Doctor Who, eating, napping, playing Minecraft, planning elaborate plots to avenge Choco’s honor, the usual.

Nathan looked up from his computer and shook his head slowly. “I don’t understand how people like Kim Kardashian have millions of followers and talented people like @MarinasDiamonds and @LanaDelRey don’t” he said.

“The world is a confusing place,” Emily agreed solemnly.

Then suddenly, without even a knock as a warning, the door of the Yellow House FLEW open, and an enraged Lydia stormed in, with Derek Hale trailing behind her.

“Whoa, Lydia, what’s wrong?” Faith asked. It was clear that something was totally up. The room flooded with tension. Derek looked really bored.

“Yeah, are you okay, Lydia?” Jynn asked with mild concern. She still didn’t like Lydia very much but she didn’t want anything bad to happen to her or anything.

“Oh, don’t pretend like you don’t know, Jynn,” Lydia snarled. She tossed her *~~FabUloUS~~* hair angrily.

“I… honestly have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Oh yeah?” Lydia screamed. “Then what’s THIS????????????????????????” She pulled a piece of paper out of her pocket and shoved it into Jynn’s hands.

Jacob looked at Derek, who just shrugged.

Jynn unfolded the paper, and looked to see what it said. Everyone else looked on in confusion as Jynn frowned, then suddenly snorted in amusement, then slapped a hand over her mouth to try to cover the noise.

“Um, that’s terrible Lydia, but I didn’t write it,” Jynn said.

“Oh please,” Lydia said, “you don’t like me at all, who else would leave me such an awful note!?”

“What does it say?” asked Jacob. Jynn passed the note to him, and everyone crowded around him to read it.

U R Ugly.

Nathan burst out laughing.

“Don’t laugh!” Lydia cried, grabbing the note back. “It’s so hurtful! I thought better of you, Jynn!”

“No, seriously, it wasn’t me,” Jynn tried to explain, but it was too late. Lydia was already stomping her way out the door.

Everyone stood in silence.

Derek looked around the room, and noticed all eyes were on him.

“Yeah, she found that taped to our front door and made me drive her over here,” he explained.

 “…I hope you really didn’t leave that note, Jynn,” Emily said, “because that wasn’t even a good insult.”

Claire turned to glare at Emily.

“Also… bullying is wrong?” Emily said. Claire nodded her approval.

“Right, well, she’s probably waiting outside in the car for me so I’m just gonna go,” he started walking towards the front door, which was still open from when Lydia ran out,  when his path was blocked by Abby running through it.

“Oh HI, Derek!!!” she said. “I saw your car in the driveway so I just thought I’d come over and say hi!”

A girl who had followed Abby over cleared her throat from where she still stood in the door.

“Oh right, and that’s my friend Brennah. ANYWAY, Derek, how have you been?”

“Good,” Derek said shortly, then started inching towards the door while trying to maintain as much distance from Abby as he could. Unfortunately, once he got to his destination, Brennah was blocking the way.”

“Hey, Derek, I was just about to go get dinner, want to come?” Brennah asked, fluttering her eyelashes and generally being a brazen hussy.

Abby just glared. “Um, Brennah, I thought we were going to hang out some more. I’m sure Derek is busy anyway, aren’t you, Derek?”

Derek looked between the two very underage teens and just shook his head. “Yeah, I have a lot of things to do. Please move.”

“Well, what about tomorrow? Are you free tomorrow?” Brennah asked.

“I don’t know,” Derek said absentmindedly, looking like he was contemplating how much he would injure her if he just pushed her out of the way.

“I’ll move if you agree to get lunch with me tomorrow,” Brennah said.

“Yeah okay fine whatever.”

“Great! See you tomorrow Derek!” Brennah said, but Derek was already out of the house and at his car by the time she finished the sentence.

Abby was still glaring. “Brennah, can I speak with you in private?” she asked.

“You know what’s really private? Your house!” Rina said, and pushed the two girls out the door before slamming and locking it.

AN: oooooooo so much DRAMA!!!!!! Who left that mean note for Lydia????? That note is actually based on one that my friend found in her locker. She read it and then cried until lunch, when I finally told her I was the one who wrote it as a joke LOL XD

Chapter Two – The Teen Wolves Want In On The Basement Show

The next day, every one was sitting around the Yellow House waiting for their new friends to show up. They still had a few minutes before they were expected to come over, so Jacob was explaining his new show idea to everyone.

Just then, the doorbell rang. Jacob went to go let Scott and his friends in. “What were you guys all talking about?” Scott asked.

“Our new show,” Jacob explains. “It’s called The Baddest Bitches Club. It’s a reality show starring all the baddest bitches we know.”

“Sounds great!” Allison says. “Can we all be on it?”

“As long as you know how to twerk,” said Rina.

“Do we ever!” Erica said. Lydia just rolls her eyes.

While everyone started talking about white girl twerk clubs, Emily noticed that Jynn didn’t look too happy about this new turn of events.

“What’s wrong, Jynn?” I asked.

Jynn looked around to make sure no one was listening before leaning towards me and whispering, “I don’t like that Lydia girl at all. I don’t want her to be part of our show.”

“Well, we can talk to Jacob about it later, I’m sure it won’t be an issue,” Emily said.

Jynn nodded, wishing someone would change the subject. Just then, the doorbell rang again.

“That’s weird, who could that be,” Rina said, and went to answer the door. A few minutes later she walked back in with the Basement people’s neighbor, Abby.

“Everyone, this is Abby, Abby, this is everyone,” Nathan said. Abby, however, was standing motionless, her eyes never leaving Derek Hale. She wasn’t even blinking. After a few uncomfortable moments of this, Derek quickly stood up.

“I’m gonna go………………. to the bathroom. Or something. Somewhere not here,” he said nervously before sprinting from the room.

As soon as he was gone, Emily cleared her throat. “You okay there, Abby?”

Abby turned her wide eyes on Emily. “That was the most beautiful man I have ever seen,” she said. “I’m going to make a vow right now, with all of you as my witnesses. I am saving myself for Derek. If I can’t be with him I’m just going to die a virgin.”

Complete silence followed this little declaration.

“So does this mean you’re not in love with me anymore?” Nathan asked.

Just then, Derek walked back into the room.

“Soooooo,” Steyeles said. “We’re just…………………..… going to go now.”

“Yeah,” Scott said, agreeing with the quirky brown-eyed teen. “But let us know about that show!”

“Oh definitely,” Rina said. “We’ll give you guys a call! In the meantime, we should hang out again soon!”

And with that, Scott and his friends left.

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